About Our Company

Many organizations are too small to justify hiring a full-time, SPHR-certified human resources professional. We provide businesses with needed expert HR services, tools, techniques, training, coaching and outsourcing solutions to provide guidance, direction, and best practice HR and compliance techniques.

We offer retainer HR Support packages, and standalone solutions including: employee handbooks, compliance audits, supervisor training, compensation plan design, employee opinion surveys, performance management systems, appraisals, recruiting assistance and more.

We help our clients achieve their business strategy, improve productivity, grow sales, increase profits, control costs, develop employees and create environments where people thrive, business grows and productivity soars. We help build competitive advantage through effective communications and use, alignment and engagement of employee talent.

Our Mission

We understand that organic agriculture requires a different set of technical knowledge, machines and inputs. These are constantly being improved and developed, following increasing research dedicated to alternative farming systems. We have a broad network of our own agronomists and consultants, agricultural research institutes, and technology and organic input providers who support our farmers with topics such as organic pest control, organic fertilizers and composting and mechanisation. Together with our farmers, we are working to improve yields and quality of their organic certified crops.