Why Teak Furniture Is So Highly Prized

Teak furniture, whether it be an outdoor patio setting, a deeply polished coffee table, or a lovely bench you place in your sunroom, is crafted from one of the most durable and prestigious looking woods available. Teak furniture is best made from the heart wood of the 80-metre-tall Teak tree, Tectonis Grandis, which is found throughout tropical southeast Asia and is especially harvested from Indonesia.

Teak furniture may be more expensive than items made from oak or pine but the qualities of the wood more than compensate for the sometimes hefty price. Teak furniture that comes from the heart wood of the Teak tree, or the centre of the tree is the best quality teak as it is resistant to wood rot, termites, fungus and other problems with wood furniture because of the presence of a special sap within the heart of the wood. Once processed and manufactured, teak furniture still retains enough of the sap within its composition to resist deterioration whether via environmental conditions or insect or fungal attack.

Because Teak heartwood is so highly prized, furniture makers using this wood will be of the highest calibre and create and shape pieces of teak furniture that will bring elegance and style to your home or garden or office. The sapwood of the Teak tree does not retain or possess enough of the special sap that is found mainly in the heart, so it is not as durable or highly prized.

Where Can I Buy Teak furniture?

teak furniture

Teak wood and Teak products are usually imported from Indonesia, Burma and other southeast Asian countries and craftsmen will create teak furniture to be sold in furniture stores, hardware chains, and online in Australia. Because of its value, Teak wood is often reclaimed from demolished structures and used by expert woodworkers to create the finest teak furniture available. Elite craftsmen specialising in the creation of Teak furniture will source the finest heartwood of the Teak tree available and create modern masterpieces to accompany your courtyard, or patio, sun deck, or games room. Sometimes these craftsmen will have workshops open to the public and can make a Teak furniture design according to your specifications and requirements.

How do I Look After Teak Furniture?

Teak furniture is especially durable and resistant to extremes of weather and if it is left unattended in its natural state in an outdoors setting, it will gradually change from a honey color to a silvery grey that will add character and charm to your home. Teak furniture can be cleaned with a cloth and special Teak cleaning solution or using plain water and some vinegar is acceptable to wipe down the wood.

Stains that may gather on outdoor teak furniture are often left unattended to create individual uniqueness, but these can be removed with water and a tiny amount of bleach, and a cloth. It is okay to hose down outdoor teak furniture without doing any damage to that bench, or table, or chair. The Dutch first used teak in the building of their ships because of its resistance to water and water rot. This was perhaps the first quality that brought world attention to teak and paved the way for its use in making teak furniture both for interior and exterior contexts.

Teak is a versatile and beautiful-looking wood. It has many uses in house building, often being used for decking and paneling, because of all its enduring qualities. However, the use of this ancient wood finds its pinnacle in the creation and construction of teak furniture. If you want to add long-lasting substance and prestige to any room or outdoor setting, why not search for that perfect piece of Teak furniture to complement the exterior or the interior of your home?

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