What To Ask Your Potential Sydney Wedding Photographer

Your big day is something that you want immortalized with professional pictures and the best way to do that is with a Sydney wedding photographer. However when you do a simple search for a Sydney wedding photographer, you get bombarded with hundreds if not thousands of results. If you are looking for that perfect picture opportunity in a particular style you could be searching for weeks if not months before you find someone that you actually like.

As the whole process takes a decent amount of time as well you will naturally be spending a lot of time with them. From such it is important that you find the right person not just the right artist. Below is a list of some questions that we highly recommend asking your potential Sydney wedding photographer before you book them for anything.


Have you ever taken pictures at my location before?

If they answer yes to this question you need to ask to see photos. Looking at previous work will allow you to compare the image in your mind to what will more than likely be the end product. If they answer no it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker you will just have to have them look at the location and give their recommendations before your big day.


What is your style?

wedding photographer's camera

Each Sydney wedding photographer will more than likely have their own style. It is important that their style matches with the vision you have in your mind. If your candidate specializes with formal and posed photos you won’t want to hire them if you are looking for natural and in the moment shots. Asking this questions beforehand will make sure you aren’t met with any surprises along the way.


Will you be the person taking the photos during my big day?

Some companies or individuals work in teams and from such the person you speak with may not be the one who is actually operating the camera. You want to make sure that you speak with the actual person beforehand as you need to ask them the more personal and style based photos.


What is the contingency plan if you pull out last second?

Sydney wedding photographers are human and sometimes they can get sick or into accidents at the worst of times. A trustworthy provider will have a contingency plan in place where either a rival or someone else will be able to fill in for them if they can no longer make it. It may be an awkward conversation to have but it can definitely give you peace of mind.


Am I able to see a full album that you have done?

Looking at previous work is one of the best ways to get a sense what a Sydney wedding photographer’s style is like. Flicking through a full album is also a great way to understand the full range of their abilities. Some professionals only take a couple of good photos and then push them to new clients when in fact the rest of their album was garbage.


What is your experience?

Asking how long they have been taking photos for especially for marriage ceremonies is a must ask question. This will give you their previous work information and if they are up for the job of your big day. Also asking about their workload can give you a good sense of their ability as if they are jam packed, other people are booking them so they must see something in them.

At the end of the day it is your special day so you shouldn’t be worried about asking your potential Sydney wedding photographer anything!

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