What is Included as Automotive Workshop Equipment?

Most skilled auto mechanics prefer opening their auto repair shops after reaching a certain point in their career. However, constructing an efficient and profitable shop is not easy. It requires one to have more than just mechanical expertise. The shop requires various auto repair equipment to start.

For this reason, you will want to know more about automotive equipment to help you put up a functional unit. If you don’t know where to start, you are at the right place because we are discussing automotive workshop equipment in this article. Read on to find out more.

List of Automotive Workshop Equipment

Vehicle lift

Most times, you find mechanics under a vehicle, working to solve various issues. In this case, a vehicle lift is essential automotive workshop equipment that will help to perform vital checkups and diagnostics. The lifts raise a vehicle to the desired height so that the mechanic can perform these services.

There are plenty of models and capacities of lifts. Depending on the model you choose, you should ensure safety first. Other things to consider are 2-post and 4-post construction, power requirements, and other accessories. Getting high-quality lifts from reputable brands is essential as they guarantee the availability of parts and servicing. The best vehicle lifts are highly durable.

Air compressor

Another essential automotive workshop equipment is an air compressor. It is essential in operating various tools in the shop, such as auto lifts and pneumatic hand tools. The best quality air compressor has the highest capacity to ensure you have sufficient power for powering all needs of your workshop.

Strut compressor

Any activity involving suspension systems on vehicles requires a good strut compressor. A strut compressor expands the capabilities of your service, making your auto repair a more profitable business.

Air conditioning machine

An air conditioner is essential as it speeds up the flushing and diagnostics of the A/C system. It makes mending, recharging, and recycling vehicle A/C systems much easier.

Oil drain and oil caddy

An oil caddy is essential when changing oil or transmission fluid from a vehicle. The caddy should contain sufficient capacity to hold the most volume of fluid. A standing oil caddy is essential when working on big projects or raised vehicles. You will work effectively while changing the oil since the caddy is the same height as the raised vehicle.

Engine hoist

A workshop or garage should include an engine hoist. This is because engine hoists are essential for reconstruction, repairing, and replacement, among other tasks. Getting one with a capacity to handle the most intricate projects 

(the largest engines) is always ideal.

Battery charger and jumper

Since most mechanical problems involve dead batteries and charging issues of vehicles, your equipment should include a battery charger and jumper. These items help jumpstart vehicles and restore normalcy. The best part is that they are affordable and readily available. However, ensure to choose the best chargers and jumpers to add to your automotive workshop equipment.

Brake lather

While you can always take rotors to another shop for resurfacing, it is essential to have your brake lathe. Outsourcing brake lathe is time-consuming and expensive. Brake lathes aren’t cheap. However, they will prevent you from incurring losses. Make sure you get one from a known brand to guarantee the availability of spare parts.

Jack stands and pole jacks

The automotive workshop equipment set is not complete without jack stands and pole jacks. Most auto repair shops will want to raise vehicles temporarily. Therefore, a sturdy floor jack is used on some occasions. Choose a high-quality and high-capacity jack and a sturdy jack stand to hold the vehicle in place once in an elevated position. Pole jacks are also when supporting axles and other constituents of raised automobiles.

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