How Sports Centres Introduce Drinking Fountains to Their Environment

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If there is one type of commercial category or community group that is in need of easy access to drinking fountains, it will be sports centres.

These facilities are home to cricket, football, rugby, netball, swimming, hockey, basketball and a range of other sports that are played over summer and winter months. 

During these competitive sessions for practice and matches, the dehydration levels often reach their peak.

This can lead to a number of health risks, even for those members who are considered young and healthy. 

The key for these outlets is being able to decide on a product and supplier that meets their demands. 

We will take a look into the techniques that allow clients to shortlist their candidates and find a fountain installer that is perfect for their community sports environment. 

Assess Project Budget 

It is critical that sports centres recognise how much they have available for the sake of installing drinking fountains. Depending on their tax status, it may very well offer a deduction opportunity, but the investment will still need to be calculated in this context. By surveying the market to see what the expected price point happens to be, it will be possible to gauge which brand is worth the money. 

Discussions With Plumbers & Analysis of Plumbing Infrastructure 

Drinking fountains cannot be put in place in isolation without connection to plumbing systems. So long as the sports centre has a connection with a trusted local operator, they can discuss where the best position for these utilities can be found given the current plumbing infrastructure currently on site. If there is a need to have these goods in areas that do not support that infrastructure, then further efforts will need to be made with the contractor to have them securely in place. 

Consult With Industry Peers 

Other sports facilities are likely to have drinking fountains that they use around hallways, locker rooms and other secure areas where athletes come and go to drink and refill. If those clients are delighted with the results, why not have a discussion with those peers about who they used and if they would recommend their services? This is something that applies across codes, disciplines and geography because every player needs to be hydrated

Examine Online Brand Reception 

Sports facilities that need to engage in fountains for the sake of hydration won’t have to rely on personal referrals to see which suppliers deliver value for money. By running a digital search through apps, social media hubs or search engines, it will be possible to track which outlets rank best out of 5 stars, who earns the most rave reviews and what the comments say about their service. This is one of the most effective ways of identifying which business has the resources for delivering drinking fountains. 

Take Note of Unique Fountain Formats 

Not all drinking fountains are identical. There are wall mounted models, free-standing designs, outdoor and indoor alternatives that are showcased across the market. It is beneficial for owners and managers to survey their environment and reflect on the best product for the required space before proceeding to make an order and schedule and installation. 

Ensure Clarity Over Installation Logistics 

The good news for local sports groups is that they don’t have to shut down operations to integrate drinking fountains for too long. Once the area is secure and the plumbing infrastructure is in place, the unit should be up and operational in quick time. It is ideal if the operators are introduced at a time that does not interfere with practice or with matches to avoid any logistical complication. 

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