Five Unique Benefits of Using a Commercial Printer

Using a commercial printer brings many advantages over trying to do the work in-house. Commercial printing services are specialized and this allows them to offer unique and high quality results.

The element of being well-versed in their craft is a huge advantage and for the product you’re getting, using these services will likely be more cost and time effective.

A commercial printer will allow you to explore creative and unique designs that are sure to please your customer and create a great impression for your business! If you’re looking to produce a high-quality and outstanding product, a commercial printer is the way to go.


Large format

Large format allows you to produce those large scaled materials such as billboards, presentation boards, life size cut outs, and gift wrap. Essentially, large format is an oversized commercial printer that allows you to bring large designs to life.

Large format is particularly suited to situations where you need a small run of posters and variable sizes and images are required. From banners, indoor and outdoor signage, murals, wallpaper and floor graphics – even vehicle graphics – large format is great for big advertising materials that help to solidify your brand.


Laser cutting

Laser cutting refers to the method of cutting materials by melting, burning, or vaporising it with a laser. This is typically controlled by using a software program such as Adobe Illustrator.

Laser cutting, etching, and finishing is great for producing customized shapes and projects. If you have an intricate design you want to see come to life, laser cutting is most likely the best way to go about it!

With this new technology, you can create delicate, unique, and impressionable projects. This is one surefire way to establish a premium brand image.



Spot UV

Spot UV is a clear gloss coating which draws your attention to a specific image or part of a page. Its glossy surface gives the appearance of a photograph or varnish, with Spot UV allowing light to reflect off a particular area while the rest of the page remains matte.

Varnish is hardened using ultraviolet light to create this effect, hence the name ‘Spot UV’. This commercial printer service is great for creating premium designs. Whether you want to showcase a photograph or simply want some flair to your page, Spot UV can elevate the look.


Metallic ink replication or white ink

Metallic ink replication can be created by imposing digital images onto metallic card stock, so that areas that would’ve ordinarily been white before now appear metallic. With the use of silver card stock, simply printing different shades of yellow can allow a gold appearance.

This adds an eye-catching effect to your projects. Commercial printer services can also use white ink to create a sophisticated and fun look. Having a dark background with white ink creates a statement for your audience!

Whether it’s for a brochure or personalized envelopes, there are many unique creations that can arise from using these methods.



Aside from Spot UV, there are many embellishments you can use to give your designs an edge, such as fusing, foil stamping, debossing, and embossing.

Unlike metallic ink replication, foil stamping imposes the metallic design onto the material rather than using a metallic-look material. Fusing involves fusing together multiple pieces of card stock for a thick effect.

Embossing using a stamping method to create raised images or text on paper, while debossing refers to lowered image or text achieved by a similar stamping method.

These embellishments can help to bring your materials to life, and are a great way to customize them to fit your brand!

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