The Top 5 Benefits Of Dairy Powder

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Dairy powder is an ideal substitute for fresh milk and can actually offer a whole host of benefits that the fresh variety simply cannot hold a candle to. Today we’re exploring the top five benefits of this dried milk option and how they can be of use to you.

Same Nutritional Value As Fresh Milk

One of the biggest benefits of dairy powder is that it offers the same nutritional value as fresh milk. In fact, these nutrients are offered in greater concentration in dairy powder as it is a more concentrated product. This means that you still get all of the wonderful vitamins and minerals available (including the crucial calcium that our bones need to stay strong), possibly at a higher level, without having to worry about storage or any of the other issues you would face with fresh milk.

Significantly Longer Shelf Life Than Fresh Milks

Speaking of storage, switching to dairy powder means saying goodbye to having to stress about whether you put the milk back in the fridge and use by dates that are less than a week away before you even take the product home from the supermarket. Dried milk options are generally provided in air tight packaging which allows them to stay fresh for much longer and also means that you can take them literally anywhere without having to stress about whether you’ll have the capacity to keep them cold.

Fantastic Source Of Protein

Dairy powder

Because it offers the same nutritional benefits as fresh milk, dairy powder is a great source of protein. Unlike fresh options, however, dairy powder can be added to dry foods in order to increase their protein content. This is particularly beneficial for those work out often as milk offers complete proteins such as whey and casein, but can also be great for those who simply don’t get enough protein from the rest of their diet.

Cheaper Than Fresh Milk

Another advantage of dairy powder is that it is generally significantly cheaper than fresh milk. The majority of what we pay at the supermarket for a litre of white deliciousness often doesn’t even find its way to the farmer anyway with the majority of profits being eaten up by the large corporations we buy from and the transport companies, so if you can save a dollar or two, it’s better in your pocket than theirs. This price difference also means that when you do decide to purchase fresh milk, you’ll be able to afford the more expensive local options which put a lot more money in farmer’s pockets. This is also great for those who are on a strict budget but still want to ensure that they’re getting enough calcium, protein and vitamins in their diets.

Can Be Enriched

Finally, because of it’s dried nature, dairy powder can easily be enriched with supplements such as iron, lactoferrin, or boosted calcium. This easy infusion is a massive win for those who are deficient in any vitamins or minerals as it’s a lot easier to simply add an Enriched dairy powder to your diet than it is to consume enough food to meet your vitamin and mineral targets for improving your health.

Milk is a wonderful and versatile drink, but it’s also a pain to store and is getting rather expensive these days. With all of the benefits that dairy powder can provide, it is certainly worth looking into switching across, or at least adding an enriched variant into your diet. If this article has made you curious, head down to your preferred supermarket and get yourself a packet of dairy powder, you might be pleasantly surprised.

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