Everything You Need To Know About Ziptrak Blinds

Blinds are an essential part of any home, not only to they provide privacy and protection from the sun, but they can also make an interior design statement. Interestingly, window furnishings can make a huge different to the aesthetic of your home.

However, it is becoming more popular to have a space that connects indoors and outdoors. These spaces often still require shelter from the sun, but curtains are not an appropriate option. So what is the best option when it comes to window furnishings in these rooms?

Arguably, the best alternative is Ziptrak blinds. Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about Ziptrak blinds.


What are Ziptrak blinds?

These window coverings have the ability to connect your indoor space and your outdoor space seamlessly. It allows you to enjoy your garden all year round; they provide shelter and protection from the weather and allow you to make use of your outdoor entertaining space no matter the conditions outside.

This brand is, in fact, the original outdoor window furnishing system that offers a track-guided design.


ziptrak blindsHow are ziptrak blinds different to other brands?

Although other brands do offer a variation of outdoor window coverings, there are many reasons why this brand is superior to the competition.

Firstly, these window coverings are Australian owned and designed, unlike many other companies that are owned internationally.

Furthermore, these coverings offer a unique centre lock system which allows you to unlock both the left and right sides simultaneously from the centre. It is also important to recognize that they are the only brand to allow locking and unlocking from both the inside and the outside.


What are the maximum dimensions?

One of the best things about Ziptrak blinds is that they can be made in a range of sizes to suit your space accordingly. A single blind can range from a minimum of 450mm to a maximum size of 3000mm wide with a 3000mm drop.

It’s also important to remember that if you are in need of more coverage, you can use more than one ziptrak blind. Essentially, these window coverings are suitable for almost any size area and will suit any space.


Can I leave my ziptrak blinds down on windy days?

Strong winds can be a huge issue for many outdoor ziptrak blinds; however, if you follow procedures, your outdoor window furnishings will survive the conditions.

The most vulnerable position when it comes to these furnishings is half way up and half way down. Therefore, in strong winds, opt to either have your furnishings fully down and locked, or fully retracted.


What are the colour and fabric options?

In regards to the material, there are two categories, shade or PVC.  Within these categories are a range of fabrics, meaning you will be sure to find the perfect one to suit your home.

It is also possible to choose the colour of your window coverings, along with the degree of visibility. Again, this allows you to choose a colour that compliments your home, garden and current outdoor furniture.

Furthermore, you also have the option to choose the colour of your componentry. Essentially you can decide what colour you want the pelmet, bottom bar and vertical tracks to be.

Choosing the perfect window furnishings to suit both your indoor and outdoor space is more important than you might initially have thought. However, it is essential to make sure whatever option you go for is complimenting your space and adding value to your home. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that the blinds you choose are durable and will stand the test of time.


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